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The amount of jealous looks I got from the people about my new e-Bike was staggering. (And I loved every minute of that - does that make me a terrible person? Maybe. But I just love having fun, and post in my Instagram pics where I’m riding it.
- Samantha Jones
This brand is the closest thing to a GODSEND when it comes to completely bypassing all the time wasted, feeling sweaty or listening to terrible stuff on the radio. Plus, by riding a RIDEL you’re basically going green while having the time of your life.
- Blake Lopez
The SNUGGER potentially saved my marriage last year when COVID hit. It was just so great to have an electric bike that could hold 2 people… And oh boy, it was a lifesaver! Cruising together on empty streets like Bonny and Clide.
- Caro Novoa
With my new e-Bike, I get an excuse to post even more photos to my IG feed + I get an excuse to make my boyfriend get away from his brand new Nintendo, X-box, whatever that awful, awful thing is called. Guys - Beware!”
- Marina Santoy

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