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I enjoyed it so much that I ordered a second one. We live in a hilly area, so they are no longer a concern. These bikes truly "flatten the slopes." We will now get a lot of exercise by riding our bikes than we did before.
- Jorge Arias
After riding SNUGGER so much I see why it is so benefitial in urban environments. The stability gives a lot of confidence riding on the city roads.
- David R.
Living in Chicago, electric transportation has always been difficult or rare because the roads are so terrible, but the shock on the Snugger bike immediately fixed that problem by allowing me to tighten and loosen the suspension with a single fast turn. If you're thinking about buying this bike and have a realistic use case for it, stop thinking about and just buy it already.
- Jake Logan
It's a complete blast! I can't wait to go on long journeys in it this season! I've only been using it to get to and from college, but it's a thrill every time!
- Casey floyd

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