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  • Jonathan Casey Video E-Bike Review on RIDEL Snugger!

    Watch Jonathan Casey's YouTube review "My First FAST Electric Bike - Ridel Snugger Review!" In this video he'd be sharing his review on this new bike and going over what makes it unique plus why I LOVE IT! If you want to see more videos e-bikes such as bikes from Rad Power Bikes, Tern, or Vanmoof let me know! [...]
  • Soldier Knows Best Reviews SNUGGER | Is This YOUR Next Electric Bike?

    Watch the video review of RIDEL's SNUGGER electric bike model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk3oYcsR5F4 [...]
  • ALL Electric ⚡️ Bike Review | EKO Single Speed & Super Light Weight

    Watch the video review of RIDEL's EKO electric bike model, highlighting All Electric's favorite features: premium parts and quality build, built-in lights, narrow tires, torque sensor, display and charging. [...]
  • DH Obsessions Takes Tripster For an Off-Road Riding Excursion

    Expert mountain biker DH Obsessions goes for an outdoor adventure, hitting the streets and trails with RIDEL's Tripster E-Bike. Watch the full video review as he speeds through the streets, testing the speed, stability and functionality of the motor. [...]
  • Tech We Want Founder Greg Vanthong Reviews RIDEL's ORA

    A reveal and review of the ORA, the most lightweight e-bike in our collection. In this video, Greg reviews the bike's top features, including its magnesium frame, 250W motor, and top speed of 20 mph. [...]

    This is one of our favorite times of the year where we get to nerd out on our favorite subject-- technology. We’re standing in a sea of robots, the latest in smart devices, flying taxis and all the latest pointing to the future of innovation. Yep, you’ve guessed it: we’re in Las Vegas for CES 2020. After months of preparation, dreaming and hard work, we couldn’t think of a better place to officially launch RIDEL. [...]
  • First stop - VENICE, CALIFORNIA, USA.

    Blue skies, sunny beaches, palm-tree boulevards and scenes for days (pun intended), it’s one of America’s most iconic cities. LA is incredibly diverse culturally, ethnically and economically, with tons of miles to explore in this massive city. It’s also a rider’s dream to cruise. Sure, the traffic is bumper to bumper with concrete freeways that wrap around the city, but where else can you find flat roads and winding canyon roads, next to beautiful desert spaces? With impeccable weather you can ride uninterrupted all year round. LA has the perfect mix of urban and outdoor adventure. [...]

    We set some intentions for 2020, and we’ve decided that we want to spend the year traveling around the world with you. There are a ton of places we’ve dreamed of going, from the Sahara Desert to the fjords of Norway. Join us on our travels on Instagram @ridelbikes. [...]