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Blue skies, sunny beaches, palm-tree boulevards and scenes for days (pun intended), it’s one of America’s most iconic cities. LA is incredibly diverse culturally, ethnically and economically, with tons of miles to explore in this massive city. It’s also a rider’s dream to cruise. Sure, the traffic is bumper to bumper with concrete freeways that wrap around the city, but where else can you find flat roads and winding canyon roads, next to beautiful desert spaces? With impeccable weather you can ride uninterrupted all year round. LA has the perfect mix of urban and outdoor adventure. Plus, it’s where some of our favorite people live.

That’s why we decided to meet up with our west coast RIDEL family to cruise around the city and shoot some scenes for our 2020 lookbook. We’ve got a sneak preview to share with you.. That’s our ORA and TRIPSTER bikes.

Looks like we’ve got the work-life balance thing down pretty well, wouldn’t you say?

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