3 Ways to Extend Your Electric Bike Battery

The battery of your electric bike is about one third the value of your entire bicycle — the most expensive component of your ride — so it’s important to purchase a quality one and keep it in good condition.

Today, most e-bikes (and consumer electronics) use a lithium-based battery, although the range of batteries can vary between make and model.

A battery’s riding range is affected by multiple variables, but an easy tip to remember is that terrains more challenging to ride than a standard bike will impact the battery life.

The speed you ride the bike, gear-shifting behaviors and total weight of the bicycle plus rider also affect range.

If you are an avid rider and maintain your e-bike’s rechargeable battery in good condition, you can expect it to last between two to four years.

However, battery life is not typically calculated by it’s years but the charge cycles.

The charge cycle represents how many times the battery has been fully charged (from 0%-100%); some batteries can undergo hundreds or a thousand cycles before it becomes less efficient.

3 Ways to Extend Your Electric Bike Battery
3 Ways to Extend Your Electric Bike Battery

Below are some tips to extend your battery-powered bike:

1. Store Your Battery at Room Temperature

The environment can greatly affect your battery’s shelf life

Hot or cold temperatures are known to significantly reduce battery life, so it’s best to store and charge your battery indoors and away from direct sunlight.

When it’s not in use, keep your battery in a cool place and out of the way of extreme temperatures.

As a rule of thumb, expect your range to be less if riding your bike during the winter.

If you don’t plan to use your battery for an extended period of time, the battery can still wear out due to irreparable damage due to chemical reactions, so be sure to store it accordingly.

2. Don’t Fully Discharge Your Battery

A full discharge of your battery to 0% is harmful to its lifespan over time.

It’s best if you can charge to 80-90% and do regular top-ups, so anticipate charge time before heading out on the road.

If you use your e-bike as a commuter bike, riding short distances on a regular basis, it’s better to charge your bike every couple of days.

This will help to ensure a partial discharge. You can also invest in a second charger to keep at the office if you’re nervous about needing a boost of power unexpectedly.

3. Set Up A Routine Charging Station

If possible, designate a place in your home away from extreme temperatures (as mentioned above), and out of risk of fire.

Most importantly, follow the instructions that came with your bike battery and use the charger provided.

Create a routine and checklist out of charging to prevent it from overcharging: put the battery somewhere dry and free of moisture, set up an alarm and be sure to turn the e-bike off if you’re not using it.

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3 reviews for ORA

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    Nice bike for the price – arrived fast (2 days) with easy assembly.  I’ve put 125 miles on the bike and typically ride about 15 miles on flat terrain at 20mph. I’ve taken it for a 30 mile ride without any problems. Charging the battery for 2.5 hours, the battery always still has power at the end of the ride. I’d recommend this product!

  2. Abraham_z

    Absolutely great bike. Get it now!

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  2. Alvaro D

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    I completely stopped relying on public transport since the purchase of my Cruzer bike.
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    I bought this bike for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. It’s a super smooth ride and still quite feminine while having all the power of an electric bike. It’s the perfect bike for riding around the neighborhood or to the store…it has a rack on the back to store a bag or backpack if you are riding for a short day trip. Assembly was easy with the instructions RIDEL provides with shipment. Thank you!

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