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Our Values


We believe in a cleaner and “funner” world where everyone has an e-bike. Our mission is to transport the world towards a smiling future. When we say everyone, we mean riders of all experiences and prices to back it up. To make that happen, we’re committed to great design and innovation as our standard, not an extra cost riders should have to pay. Secondly, we promise to have a cool bike for whatever joyride you have in mind.

Because everyone should be having fun.

FUN Attitude is everything, and at RIDEL ours is fun. It’s how we make parts and move through the world, and how we promise to deliver to you.

DESIGN Design is not a luxury. It is thoughtful and careful attention to all the details that matter. Every aspect of the bike has you the rider in mind.

INNOVATION We look beyond latest trends because we know what truly never goes out of style-- innovation. Every bike is created with XX in mind to keep your ride as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

ACCESSIBILITY Our bikes are meant for everyone, no matter your prior experience with bikes. Along with fit and size, we believe that good design and innovation should not mean extra cost but should be standard.

IMPACT We care about the future of our planet, which is why we hope e-bikes will be the new mode of clean and green transportation.

PASSION We started this company for one sole reason-- because we are passionate about bikes. Whatever your passion is, we want to help you ride towards yours.