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Born in the urban streets of New York City, RIDEL is an electric bike company revolutionizing the way the world moves. RIDEL’s mission is based on a simple yet honest desire– to make every journey a fun one and to accelerate the inner potential of each person. Each of our bikes is designed with maximum fun, style, smart technology and security in mind so we can help move the world towards the infinite possibilities of urban mobility.

You know that look a kid gets when they first learn to ride a bike? That’s how we feel everyday at RIDEL bikes. We can’t help but feel excitement and thrill in designing bikes for the future. It’s in our DNA. The founding team of RIDEL includes some of the earliest adopters and investors in the latest technology, with an impeccable instinct for bringing these tools for everyone to use. Our parent company CJ Global has been manufacturing electronics for over a decade.

With a passion for bicycles and a longstanding history in electronics, we have take what we love and know best to help people get from their A to B faster, “funner” and more affordable than any other ride out there.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” — Albert Einstein

ridel bikes grey export


We believe in a cleaner and “funner” world where everyone has an e-bike. Our mission is to transport the world towards a smiling future. When we say everyone, we mean riders of all experiences and prices to back it up. To make that happen, we’re committed to great design and innovation as our standard, not an extra cost riders should have to pay. Secondly, we promise to have a cool bike for whatever joyride you have in mind.

Because everyone should be having fun.

FUN Attitude is everything, and at RIDEL ours is fun. It’s how we make parts and move through the world, and how we promise to deliver to you.

DESIGN Design is not a luxury. It is thoughtful and careful attention to all the details that matter. Every aspect of the bike has you the rider in mind.

INNOVATION We look beyond latest trends because we know what truly never goes out of style– innovation. Every bike is created with smart technology and security in mind to keep your ride as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

ACCESSIBILITY Our bikes are meant for everyone, no matter your prior experience with bikes. Along with fit and size, we believe that good design and innovation should not mean extra cost but should be standard.

IMPACT We care about the future of our planet, which is why we hope e-bikes will be the new mode of clean and green transportation.

PASSION We started this company for one sole reason– because we are passionate about bikes. Whatever your passion is, we want to help you ride towards yours.

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3 reviews for ORA

  1. Noel Barrios

    Nice bike for the price – arrived fast (2 days) with easy assembly.  I’ve put 125 miles on the bike and typically ride about 15 miles on flat terrain at 20mph. I’ve taken it for a 30 mile ride without any problems. Charging the battery for 2.5 hours, the battery always still has power at the end of the ride. I’d recommend this product!

  2. Abraham_z

    Absolutely great bike. Get it now!

  3. Julles Magnetic

    I got my new ORA’s two weeks ago delivered to my house. Assembly was fun and easy, all according to the guide with no trouble at all. i’ve been driving them none stop since and i can’t tell you enough what a head spinner those bikes are. Everybody are approaching me to ask where did i get those stunning bikes The ride is super smooth

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1 review for TRIPSTER

  1. John Vella

    The package arrived fast (2 days) and is a relatively easy assembly (comes with instructions). The bike is built with quality parts and is very fun to ride! As a mountain biker, I’ve taken it on some pretty steep and rugged terrain and was impressed at how smooth the ride was. I’ve taken up to 30-mile rides without worrying about the battery power. Overall, great product.

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2 reviews for SNUGGER

  1. Dan Delora

    So far great solid ride! It’s definitely tough and rugged for pretty much any type of terrain due to the thick tires and 750W engine. I use it to commute to work over a bridge that I can practically fly over.

  2. Alvaro D

    The bike is totally weatherproof – you can ride it in the rain, snow, etc. It definitely makes for a very fast ride that’s effortless if you don’t want to sweat on your commute or taking it over mountain terrain. The bike is on the heavier side mostly because you can carry up to 300 lb or ride with two people. I charge it once or twice a week without any trouble.

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2 reviews for EKO

  1. Sam Ulmer

    I’m a longtime rider and wanted a little assist, and found it with the EKO. I wasn’t expecting much given the price point vs other e-bikes, but I have been pleasantly surprised — the bike has high-quality components, is very fast, reliable, fun, and safe. Also super lightweight. In general, I’d say this is a great bike for city riders who are looking for a reliable way to commute with some power.

  2. Jeremy Lynn

    I’ve been using this electric bike to commute for the past month. This bike is good for easy riding in cities – adjustable height for the seat/handlebars to ride in a comfortable position for a long period of time. It’s quite lightweight so can be picked up easily + good battery capacity. Highly recommend buying.

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3 reviews for CRUZER

  1. Rody

    Cruzer is absolutely the perfect model for living in the city.
    I completely stopped relying on public transport since the purchase of my Cruzer bike.
    5 stars and a thumb up!

  2. Elena

    The bike arrived on time and the assembly was easy and straightforward. I live near to the beach and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! This was my first time using a pedal-assist bike and I feel comfortable / in control riding up to 20mph. I’d recommend this bike for riders in urban settings/ bike paths as its good quality for the price.

  3. Robert

    I bought this bike for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. It’s a super smooth ride and still quite feminine while having all the power of an electric bike. It’s the perfect bike for riding around the neighborhood or to the store…it has a rack on the back to store a bag or backpack if you are riding for a short day trip. Assembly was easy with the instructions RIDEL provides with shipment. Thank you!

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