RIDEL Bikes LLC google_xml_feed https://ridelbikes.com RIDEL Bikes LLC XS1 https://ridelbikes.com/products/xs1-electric-scooter?variant=39621762580676 RIDEL Bikes LLC XS1 Whether it’s a coffee run, a grocery trip, or simply running errands around town, our e-Scooter will make the ride easier, quicker, and free-flowing. Fold it when you’re done. 6621730144452 shopify_US_6621730144452_39621762580676 new 399.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/RIDEL_PP_XS1_01_grande.jpg?v=1622670459 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54285 54285 google 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC XS1 THROTTLE https://ridelbikes.com/products/xs1-throttle?variant=41508207984836 RIDEL Bikes LLC XS1 THROTTLE 7135491326148 shopify_US_7135491326148_41508207984836 new 24.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54326EKOBATTERY705Double6_grande.png?v=1652114938 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54250 54250 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC TRIPSTER https://ridelbikes.com/products/tripster?variant=39621761171652 RIDEL Bikes LLC TRIPSTER Get our fastest, most durable eBike built for bold maneuvers and rapid acceleration. 
The suspension system and powerful 500w motor give you the freedom to ride wherever you want. Unfold your bike and go for a wild adventure! 6621729718468 shopify_US_6621729718468_39621761171652 new 1,599.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/RIDEL_PP_TRIPSTER_01_grande.jpg?v=1622670465 RIDEL Bikes LLC TRIP01NB TRIP01NB google 50.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER https://ridelbikes.com/products/snugger?variant=39703869751492 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER Equipped with a 750 W motor power, the Snugger allows you to let your inner rebel out as you cruise down the street. Whether going solo or with a lucky co-rider, our black matte e-bike will make heads turn. 6621729685700 shopify_US_6621729685700_39703869751492 new 2,099.00 USD1,999.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/RIDEL_PP_SNUGGER_01_4fcc106c-5b59-49b5-8144-b4e3e0db8fd1_grande.jpg?v=1622670472 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUG01NB SNUG01NB Bicycles google 66.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZER CRUZER - classic model of the eco-friendly electric bike - Ridel Bikes https://ridelbikes.com/products/cruzer?variant=39621762351300 RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZER CRUZER - classic model of the eco-friendly electric bike - Ridel Bikes Own our most classic model of the eco-friendly electric bike. Among other features is the front basket that is very practical and gives a vintage, yet modern look. It is the perfect bike for beautiful rides 
on warm summer evenings.  6621730078916 shopify_US_6621730078916_39621762351300 new 1,099.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/RIDEL_PP_CRUZER_01_grande.jpg?v=1621286432 RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZ01NB CRUZ01NB google 61.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC XS2 https://ridelbikes.com/products/xs2?variant=41133159284932 RIDEL Bikes LLC XS2 For the extreme commuter and true go-getter in today’s eco-friendly city’s and busy lives. The XS2 adapts and improves upon our classic XS1 design. It inherits its mobility, quality, portability and further enhances it for an even greater rider experience than before. The XS2 introduces Bluetooth functionality in the form of a smartphone App. for both Android and iOS. The blue LED light bars establish a sleek and stylish aesthetic while ensuring visibility in low light environments. The XS2 is a go-to choice for a clean and practical way to get where you need to go. 7032778621124 shopify_US_7032778621124_41133159284932 new 699.00 USD599.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/side.newsizewithlight_grande.jpg?v=1643828791 RIDEL Bikes LLC XS2 XS2 google 42.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO https://ridelbikes.com/products/eko?variant=39621761106116 RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO The lightweight aluminum frame makes the EKO easy to maneuver through traffic and carry up the stairs. Seamlessly integrated into the bike the battery is fully recharged within only 2.5 hours by simply plugging into the wall. So, elevate your single-speed ride into an uplifting experience. 6621729620164 shopify_US_6621729620164_39621761106116 new 1,399.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/RIDEL_PP_EKO_01_grande.jpg?v=1621302989 RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO01LB EKO01LB google 38.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA https://ridelbikes.com/products/ora?variant=39621761040580 RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA Meet our new lightweight eBike with its futuristic look and impressive performance - 38 miles range on a single battery charge. 
ORA features a unique luminous ring that lights up in the dark revealing its glowing blue aura while you are riding. 6621729652932 shopify_US_6621729652932_39621761040580 new 1,599.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/RIDEL_PP_ORA_01_grande.jpg?v=1621377522 RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA01NB ORA01NB google 46.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC XS1 BATTERY https://ridelbikes.com/products/xs1-battery?variant=41548669190340 RIDEL Bikes LLC XS1 BATTERY 7146451534020 shopify_US_7146451534020_41548669190340 new 140.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/Untitled-1_grande.png?v=1653429204 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54267 54267 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER DISPLAY https://ridelbikes.com/products/snugger-display-lcd-s900-usb?variant=39958997827780 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER DISPLAY LCD S900-USB 6702595178692 shopify_US_6702595178692_39958997827780 new 130.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54311SUNGDISPLAY752Double6_grande.jpg?v=1624534212 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54311 54311 Display 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA THROTTLE https://ridelbikes.com/products/ora-throttle?variant=40080738615492 RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA THROTTLE 6733259866308 shopify_US_6733259866308_40080738615492 new 29.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/64288ORATHROTTLE721Double6_grande.jpg?v=1625698582 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54288 54288 Throttle 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER KICK STAND https://ridelbikes.com/products/snugger-kick-stand?variant=39992983552196 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER KICK STAND 6711800398020 shopify_US_6711800398020_39992983552196 new 26.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54315SNUGKICKSTAND760Double6_grande.jpg?v=1624535190 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54315 54315 Kick Stand 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC TRIPSTER CHARGER https://ridelbikes.com/products/tripster-charger?variant=39957441380548 RIDEL Bikes LLC TRIPSTER CHARGER 6702418493636 shopify_US_6702418493636_39957441380548 new 49.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54337TRIPSTERCHARGER622Double6_grande.jpg?v=1627066869 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54337 54337 Charger 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZER BATTERY https://ridelbikes.com/products/cruzer-battery?variant=40080624419012 RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZER BATTERY Battery 24V 8ah with black battery 6733244596420 shopify_US_6733244596420_40080624419012 new 340.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54327CRUZBATTERY710Double6_grande.jpg?v=1627067139 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54327 54327 Battery 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER CHARGER https://ridelbikes.com/products/snugger-charger?variant=39957439086788 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER CHARGER 6702417510596 shopify_US_6702417510596_39957439086788 new 49.00 USDout of stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54338SNUGGERCHARGER640Double61_grande.jpg?v=1624533894 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54338 54338 Charger 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZER CHARGER https://ridelbikes.com/products/cruzer-charger?variant=39957407989956 RIDEL Bikes LLC CRUZER CHARGER 6702409220292 shopify_US_6702409220292_39957407989956 new 49.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54340CRUZERCHARGER634Double6_grande.jpg?v=1627070955 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54340 54340 Charger 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC Rear Rack https://ridelbikes.com/products/rear-rack?variant=41630084595908 RIDEL Bikes LLC Rear Rack 7172291592388 shopify_US_7172291592388_41630084595908 new 25.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/NewAccessories2_grande.jpg?v=1656024033 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54261 54261 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC GUB phone mount https://ridelbikes.com/products/gub-phone-mount?variant=41630083678404 RIDEL Bikes LLC GUB phone mount 7172290674884 shopify_US_7172290674884_41630083678404 new 25.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/NewAccessories7_grande.jpg?v=1656023936 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54259 54259 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC Rubber Phone mount https://ridelbikes.com/products/rubber-phone-mount?variant=41630080008388 RIDEL Bikes LLC Rubber Phone mount 7172287627460 shopify_US_7172287627460_41630080008388 new 10.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54339EKOCHARGER628Double6_grande.png?v=1656023808 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54346 54346 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC Disc Brake Alarm Lock https://ridelbikes.com/products/disc-brake-alarm-lock?variant=41630085808324 RIDEL Bikes LLC Disc Brake Alarm Lock 7172292772036 shopify_US_7172292772036_41630085808324 new 25.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/NewAccessories15_grande.jpg?v=1656024158 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54260 54260 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO BATTERY https://ridelbikes.com/products/eko-battery?variant=39992993382596 RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO BATTERY Battery 36V Ah with aluminum battery 6711802855620 shopify_US_6711802855620_39992993382596 new 369.99 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54326EKOBATTERY705Double6_grande.jpg?v=1627072160 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54326 54326 Battery 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER FENDERS https://ridelbikes.com/products/snugger-fender?variant=39992991383748 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER FENDERS 6711802265796 shopify_US_6711802265796_39992991383748 new 55.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54316SNUGFENDERS703Double6_grande.jpg?v=1624535518 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54316 54316 FENDER 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER FRONT FORK https://ridelbikes.com/products/snugger-front-fork?variant=39992968511684 RIDEL Bikes LLC SNUGGER FRONT FORK 6711796564164 shopify_US_6711796564164_39992968511684 new 185.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54314SNUGFRONTFORK697Double6_grande.jpg?v=1624534979 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54314 54314 Front Fork 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA CHARGER https://ridelbikes.com/products/ora-charger?variant=39957433024708 RIDEL Bikes LLC ORA CHARGER 6702415184068 shopify_US_6702415184068_39957433024708 new 49.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54336ORACHARGER616Double6_grande.jpg?v=1627071946 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54336 54336 Charger 0.0 lb RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO CHARGER https://ridelbikes.com/products/eko-charger?variant=39957430010052 RIDEL Bikes LLC EKO CHARGER 6702414069956 shopify_US_6702414069956_39957430010052 new 49.00 USDin stock http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0564/6008/3396/products/54339EKOCHARGER628Double6_grande.jpg?v=1627070595 RIDEL Bikes LLC 54339 54339 Charger 0.0 lb